Institute researcher joins panel on Pros and Cons of Grading on a Curve

Drake Institute Senior Researcher and Professor of Physics Andrew Heckler will serve as a panelist this Thursday during an in-person and Zoom event sponsored by Drexel University on The Pros and Cons of Grading on a Curve.

"The Curve” has been used as a grading tool for decades and has been particularly relied upon in STEM fields. Advocates for curved grading have noted its ability to minimize grade inflation and build competition between students who are pursuing highly competitive fields. Over the past decade, however, critics have decried this method, claiming that it does more harm than good. According to detractors, the competition fostered by curved grading discourages students from continuing in STEM fields and does not accurately measure core competencies. It also allows instructors to administer poorly designed tests that don’t reflect what has actually been taught.

This panel will address the nature of grading in STEM and the utilization of curved grading in particular as it helps and hinders student success. This event is open to the public.

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