Another Exciting GTA (Graduate Teaching) Toolkit!

The Drake Institute Graduate Consultants offered a second GTA Toolkit this semester on September 20, 2022, from 11am – 12:30pm in the Ohio Union Barbie Tootle room, with a catered lunch generously provided by OUAB! This workshop’s topic was on Inclusive Teaching, where we had the opportunity to introduce GTAs from different departments across campus to the principles and strategies that undergird creating an inclusive learning environment. Joined by over 25 participants, we were all able to engage in meaningful conversations around inclusive teaching over a delicious lunch generously provided by OUAB.  


In this workshop, we fostered discussions that allowed attendees to reflect on what true inclusive teaching needs to stand for. Through different examples, we all talked about understanding diversity as discourse vs. action in an effort to question empty narratives in which diversity simply becomes a buzzword and does not translate into action. To frame these discussions, Graduate Consultants referred to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) model that allows instructors to use intentional course design to create environments that are designed, from the outset, to be open and accessible to all. Within the UDL model, participants discussed three of the underlying principles that give shape to inclusive teaching: providing Multiple Means of Engagement, Multiple Means of Representation, and Multiple Means of Action and Expression. Along with different strategies from each principle, these items gave attendees concrete information on conditions that need to be considered when fostering an inclusive classroom.


Our next GTA Graduate Teaching Toolkit, Student Feedback and Inclusive Teaching, will be on October 18, from 11am – 12:30pm, in the Student Alumni Council Room with a catered meal and beverages provided by OUAB. During this session, attendees will be able to learn about considerations when giving feedback to students, as well as effective strategies that GTA can implement in a variety of teaching contexts. Register on the Drake Institute Events page or click the link above.