Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


The Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning advances at-scale professional learning, evidence-based instructional strategies, and research and policy that elevate, across the university, the work of all who teach.


The Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning supports The Ohio State University as an exemplar of teaching excellence, research, and innovation to improve student success.

Value Statements

The Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning:

  • Models best practices in, creates, and delivers evidence-based educational development programming.
  • Provides programming designed to build community amongst those who teach.
  • Promotes continuous improvement in educational excellence at all career stages.
  • Elevates and amplifies the work of all educational developers at the university.
  • Operates efficiently and ethically.

Three-Year Goals (2019-2022)

Goals of the Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning reflect institutional priorities articulated through Time and Change Strategic Plan, Strategic Pillar 1: Teaching and Learning. In addition, the Institute responds to articulated and demonstrated needs of constituents through evidence-based educational development. DITL's goals are, in part, informed by the American Council on Education and POD Network Center for Teaching and Learning Matrix.

  • Goal 1 – Achieve the broadest possible participation in high-quality, high-impact, evidence-based professional learning programming for those who teach.
  • Goal 2 – Scale and deepen professional learning through strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Goal 3 – Recognize and reward teaching that promotes student learning.
  • Goal 4 – Design and sustain an innovative online presence and communications portfolio.
  • Goal 5 – Lead in educational development and teaching and learning research.