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February 18, 2021

A new research study, supported by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion seeks to study inplicit bias in student evaluations of instruction (SEI) at Ohio State during the Spring 2021 semester. All undergraduate instructors in Arts and Sciences and CFAES are eligible to participate.

If you elect to participate, students in your undergraduate courses will be randomly assigned to treatment and control groups and then asked to complete the standard SEI form. Students in the treatment groups will receive expanded introductory materials for the SEI reminding them of (1) the importance of SEIs for instructors, (2) the role of...

February 17, 2021

Staff of the Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning have contributed a chapter to Transforming Institutions: Accelerating Systemic Change in Higher Education . This newly published book offers perspectives for advancing change initiatives in higher education and STEM education.

In their chapter, “ Transforming the teaching of thousands: Promoting evidence-based practices at scale ,” Director Kay Halasek, Research Faculty Fellow Andrew Heckler, and Associate Director Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo describe, analyze and reflect upon implementing the Drake Institute’s Teaching Support Program (TSP), a professional development opportunity for Ohio State faculty that incorporates evidence-based teaching strategies into classrooms and educational contexts.

February 16, 2021

A new "Beyond Compliance" toolkit developed by Student Life Disability Services and the ADA Coordinator’s Office is now available. The toolkit provides a set of resources designed to help foster accessibility on campus, including in digital environments.

The toolkit is divided into the following sections, each containing links to various resources:

Fostering access through organizational or structural moves rather than singling out individuals Videos (all captioned) that can be viewed for your own interest or used as classroom resources “Best Practices” guides Research briefs A special section giving more background on Disability Justice and activist movements...

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Assistant Professor - Clinical, College of Medicine
Department of Biomedical Education and Anatomy, Columbus Campus

Dr. Alexander Grieco is an assistant professor in the College of Medicine. He came to The Ohio State University as a radiologist after finishing his diagnostic radiology residency at Penn State University in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He served his fellowship in body MRI and cardiac imaging at Thomas Jefferson University.

Throughout his training and education, Dr. Grieco has fallen in love...Learn more