TIES Academy awards annual Scholarship Incentives

Five innovative approaches that address current issues in academic nursing education were recently selected for the 2022-23 Educational Innovation and Scholarship Incentive Program

"The most exciting result of TIES awards is the benefits to the education of the future healthcare workforce," says Drake Institute Affiliate and Co-Director of TIES Academy Joni Tornwall. "The work they do today to build the confidence and competence of nurses who will care for us in the future is invaluable."

TIES awards also result in publication in peer-reviewed journals focused on nursing education for new and emerging faculty scholars. 

The academy supports faculty in evidence-based teaching practices and developing innovative approaches to teaching challenges in nursing and healthcare. Every fall, a call for proposals goes out to the College of Nursing faculty for manuscript ideas. Selected projects are supported from conception through implementation, writing, and publication. 

Learn more: https://u.osu.edu/ties/