Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) Meets to Review Progress

The University Institute for Teaching and Learning’s Internal Advisory Committee met on Tuesday, April 16, to review institute activities this academic year. UITL Director Kay Halasek’s presentation, “Looking Back, Looking Forward,” outlined the most significant accomplishments of the institute in the area of its four pillars: Instructional Support, Inquiry and Research, Policy, and Communications.

In particular, Halasek reported to the IAC that the institute reached its 2018-19 goals that included, among others, launching and beginning assessment of the Teaching Support Program, increasing Teaching Endorsements, increasing new faculty participation in the FIT (Foundations, Impact, and Transformation) program, and growing research and grant opportunities for faculty.

Of note, since the inception of UITL in 2016-17:

  • The number of new faculty participating in FIT increased from 66 to 140. The number of Mentor Program faculty increased as well from 18 to 43.
  • In 2016-17, UITL offered its first Teaching Endorsement with 65 endorsements awarded; this year, UITL has 11 Teaching Endorsements available, with 193 applications currently being reviewed.
  • 1,227 faculty have completed the first two phases of the TSP – the Teaching Practices Inventory, Teaching@OhioState, and the UITL Reading List reflection.
  • UITL has awarded 9 research and implementation grants to faculty in a variety of disciplines to explore instructional effectiveness, and is currently reviewing 13 applications for the 2019-202 academic year.

She also updated IAC members on work in the policy and communications areas, and introduced them to UITL staff.