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The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded center and network of over forty research universities across the United States and Canada aimed at supporting teaching excellence in higher education through, “…development of a national faculty committed to implementing and advancing evidence-based teaching practices for diverse learners.”*

The Drake Institute is pleased to serve as the official CIRTL home at Ohio State.

How CIRTL Benefits Graduate Students and Post Docs at Ohio State

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CIRTL offers unique programming to support aspiring future faculty (primarily graduate students and post docs) in learning new, evidence-based approaches to teaching. While originally focused on developing future faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), CIRTL programming is open to all instructors across all disciplines. 

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As a CIRTL member, the entire Ohio State community is granted access to all that CIRTL has to offer. Individuals simply need to sign up at the CIRTL website! Registration with the network is free to all Ohio State students and instructors and opens a range of professional learning opportunities including workshops, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), institutes, learning communities, and moreLearn more about the network and its mission and values by visiting 

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The CIRTL Network currently comprises 41 member institutions reaching across the United States and Canada. The Ohio State University entered into this exemplary network of institutions in 2021!



Get Involved: Join a CIRTL@OSU Learning Community

If you aspire toward a career as a faculty member in higher education, please consider joining a local CIRTL@OSU Learning Community (LC). To get started, click the button below. Those completing a CIRTL@OSU LC are eligible to apply for the CIRTL Associate-Level Endorsement. Drake Institute Endorsements are recognized credentials that appear on official OSU transcripts.


LCs start each Autumn term and can be formed by request at nearly any time should a group find itself interested. Each LC group meets monthly (in person or via zoom) and the Drake Institue provides resources and expertise to help each LC member achieve a number of defined outcomes for the experience. Contact with any questions about LCs and other CIRTL opportunities available at Ohio State.

Participants in each CIRTL@OSU LC should expect to be supported in learning across each of the the CIRTL core ideas and, through participation, should realize each of the CIRTL Associate-Level outcomes.


CIRTL Core Idea 1: Learning-through-Diversity

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"Learning-through-diversity capitalizes on the rich array of experiences, backgrounds, and skills among STEM undergraduates and graduates-through-faculty to enhance the learning of all. It recognizes that excellence and diversity are necessarily intertwined."






CIRTL Core Idea 2: Teaching-as-Research (TAR)

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Teaching-as-research is the deliberate, systematic, and reflective use of research methods by science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instructors to develop and implement teaching practices that advance the learning experiences and outcomes of both students and teachers. 





CIRTL Core Idea 3: Learning Communities

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Learning communities bring together groups of people for shared learning, discovery, and generation of knowledge. To achieve common learning goals, a learning community nurtures functional relationship among its members.






CIRTL@OSU Learning Community (LC) Information: 

Important Annual Dates

  • July 1 - September 1 (11:59 pm) - Apply for annual CIRTL LCs  
    • for LC applications outside the annual registration window, please contact
  • October – Welcome (1st) LC Session 
  • May – Final (8th) LC Session 

Meeting Format

In-person and online (zoom) LC formats are available. 

Resources for Community Participants

Each LC participant will be added to a CIRTL@OSU LC Carmen Course. This course consists of eight modules that allow for exploration, application, and reflection across critical teaching and learning topics. See below for a brief  introduction to each of the CIRTL@OSU LC modules. 

  1. Welcome to the LC 
    1. Meet your fellow LC members and LC facilitators! Become familiar with the CIRTL@OSU LC Carmen course structure (Explore, Engage, Reflect), learn about local (OSU) and cross-network CIRTL programming, and explore CIRTL Network resources. 
  2. Backward Design 

    1. Become introduced to the concept of backward design, a critical element of the Understanding by Design model developed by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.**  

  3. Outcomes and Alignment 

    1. Gain insights into how learning outcomes can most effectively be written and used to ensure alignment across the critical elements of instruction including assessments, assignments and activities.  

  4. Feedback on Teaching 

    1. Learn how to request, collect, analyze, interpret and more effectively respond to student feedback on teaching. 

  5. Active Learning 

    1. Develop new ideas and tools for engaging your students using evidence-based active learning approaches and strategies.  

  6. Inclusive Teaching 

    1. Consider different evidence-based strategies and techniques for developing inclusive teaching and learning environments and work to create equitable learning experiences for all students. 

  7. Equitable Assessment 

    1. Discuss equity as it relates to grading practices and explore culturally responsive assessment techniques. 

  8. Teaching Philosophies and Teaching-as-Research (TAR) 

    1. Begin developing a personal philosophy on teaching, see examples of teaching philosophy statements, and learn about CIRTL’s Teaching-as-Research project opportunity 

CIRTL@OSU - Other Opportunities to Get Involved


Consider joining a 2023/2024 Teaching-as-Research (TAR) Cohort. Graduate students and postdocs engaging in a TAR cohort will be supported in fully designing and implementing a research project in the area of teaching and learning. Questions can be directed to and applications to participate are open. Use the link below to apply!

Apply to join a 2023/2024 TAR Cohort



Additinoally, consider clicking the buttons below to view a list of current CIRTL cross-network events and courses. You can also learn more about all the opportunties available to you through CIRTL by visiting



In addition to CIRTL courses and cross-network programming, the Drake Institute and its partners and collaborators offer local programming supportive of the CIRTL core ideas. Visit the Drake Institue Events Page for a listing of upcoming events.

Earn CIRTL@OSU Endorsements 

The CIRTL network formally recognizes three levels of participant certification:

  1. CIRTL Associate
  2. CIRTL Practitioner
  3. CIRTL Scholar

By engaging in local and cross-network programming opportunities, registered participants can work to achieve outcomes defined for each certification level.

All Ohio State CIRTL participants achieving Associate, Practitioner, and/or Scholar-level outcomes are provided an opportunity to apply for a Drake Institute CIRTL@OSU Endorsement. Separate endorsements are available for each CIRTL certification level. For more information on how to get involved and for how to apply, contact CIRTL@OSU Endorsements will be available beginning Autumn 2022.

CIRTL@OSU Endorsement Outcomes and Opportunities 

CIRTL Participant Outcomes 

CIRTL learning outcomes are defined for each certification level. Each level includes outcomes related to the following process or content areas: 

  1. Teaching as Research 

  2. Evidence-Based Teaching 

  3. Learning Communities 

  4. Learning through Diversity 

Read & review CIRTL participant outcomes by visiting Endorsements are available at Ohio State to recognize achievement of each of the CIRTL certification levels. 

Associate-Level CIRTL Endorsement 

Earn the opportunity to apply for an Associate-level CIRTL@OSU Endorsement by joining and completing a local CIRTL@OSU Learning Community. Click the button below to submit your LC interest application!


Already completed a CIRTL@OSU Learning Community experience? Apply for the CIRTL@OSU Associate-Level Endorsement beginning in Autumn 2022 and e-mail for more information!

Explore other Drake Institute Teaching and Learning Endorsement Opportunities 

* Quote from

** Wiggins, G. P., & McTighe, J. (2005). Understanding by design (2nd ed.). Pearson.