How Are You Teaching?

How Are You Teaching? is an initative emerging from Ohio State's shift to remote teaching this spring and online instruction this summer. Here the Drake Institute spotlights peers sharing with peers innovative solutions, remote teaching tips, recommended methods for engagement and how Ohio State instructors stay connected to their students and to one another.

In addition to faculty-generated examples, the Drake Institute shares evidence-based research and resources on the instructional approach highlighted. Add your own approach to the How Are You Teaching? collection through the following form:

How Are You Teaching form


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Ben McCorckle
Associate Professor, Writing Program Administrator
Department of English, Marion Campus
Associate Professor, Clinical
School of Communication
Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner
College of Nursing
Sarah Neville
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Brian Raison
Associate Professor, Field Specialist-Community & Organizational Leadership
College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences
Dev Gurera
Teaching Assistant
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Department of Mathematics, Newark Campus
Kathryn Logan headshot
Graduate Teaching Associate
Department of Dance
Ana-Paula Correia headshot
Director, Center on Education and Training for Employment; Faculty Co-Coordinator, Masters of Learning Technologies; Associate Professor
Department of Educational Studies
Professor-Clinical Pharmacy and Associate Dean of Assessment and Strategic Initiatives
College of Pharmacy
Associate Professor of Environmental Microbiology
School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR)
Associate Professor, College of Education and Human Ecology
Teaching and Learning Administration, Lima Campus
A photo of Dr. Melissa Quinn, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Education and Anatomy, College of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Clinical
Department of Biomedical Education and Anatomy, College of Medicine
A photo of Dr. Ann Marie Davis, an assistant professor and Japanese Studies librarian at The Ohio State University.
Assistant Professor, Japanese Studies Librarian
East Asian Studies Center, College of Arts and Sciences, University Libraries