Dev Gurera

Dev Gurera

Teaching Assistant
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

How Are You Teaching?

Flipping Recitation Sections


  • Teaching Assistant for ME 3670 (Design and Analysis of Machine Elements I).


Mr. Gurera has flipped his recitation sections by creating videos, which he uploads to YouTube. His students watch the videos on their own time, and the actual recitation times function like office hours. Students can join in the Zoom session, ask questions, and leave. They are also welcome to simply listen to the Q&A. The conversation is open to all. 

His videos are located here.

Screen shot of problem being solvedThe videos are unlisted on YouTube, so only a person with the link can access these, and Mr. Gurera has shared the link through the course's Carmen page.

"I have my phone acting as a webcam," he explained. At the same time, he solves the problems on his touchscreen laptop using a stylus and uses a bluetooth mic to ehnance sound quality.

Student response has been positive, he said. "Regarding responses, I have quite a few texts/emails from my students saying the videos are very helpful for them. From YouTube statistics, I have 500+ views and 90+ watch time (hours). I say they are encouraging numbers. ... Regarding Q&A sessions, ... conversations seem good."

For additional information on flipping the classroom, this article focuses on "Enhancing Student Engagement Using the Flipped Classroom."

Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching also offers this resource on flippped classrooms.