New Faculty FIT Program

Participants who successfully complete this program earn a New Faculty FIT Teaching and Learning endorsement.

Taking notes

The Drake Institute's Faculty Foundation, Impact, Transformation (FIT) Program is a set of coordinated learning experiences for new and developing teachers and their mentors at The Ohio State University. The year-long programming focuses on active support for instructional faculty at differing levels of experience and particularly strives to engage faculty new to Ohio State.


Areas of Focus

Faculty FIT seeks to engage faculty early, build community and encourage reflection on excellent teaching. Program activities are designed to meet the needs of the diverse community of teachers new to Ohio State and include:

  • Foundation: For faculty new to teaching; to accelerate adoption of evidence-based teaching practices and improve effectiveness and efficiency of teaching.
  • Impact: For faculty with some prior teaching experience; to develop greater expertise in educational pedagogy and enhance their reputation and influence as an educator.
  • Transformation: For experienced faculty; to develop mentorship skills and expertise as an advocate for institutional goals. This pathway is for the “master teacher” who seeks to shape university culture and policy and advance learning achievement at Ohio State.


Program Format

Faculty FIT begins with a kickoff event as part of the University’s New Faculty Orientation (note: all orientation sessions in autumn 2020 will be held remotely. Information about the University New Faculty Orientation can be found at the OAA Website. From there, new faculty are offered the chance to join small mentoring cohorts of three to four new faculty members and one experienced Ohio State faculty member mentor who has been hand-picked and is known for excellent teaching. Cohorts typically meet monthly throughout the academic year.

New faculty are also invited to engage in professional learning through formal and informal workshops, online courses and events sponsored by DITL and its partners.

A monthly Faculty FIT newsletter highlights those teaching and learning workshops and special events.

An End-of-Year Celebration features reflections and recognition of all we have accomplished since the start of the year.


Want to get involved?

Contact us to let us know you're interested and we will get back to you with next steps!