New Faculty FIT Teaching and Learning

Evidence-based classroom practices can increase student engagement, improve learning outcomes, and influence faculty success and enjoyment in teaching.  The New Faculty FIT Teaching and Learning endorsement is a longitudinal year-long program which introduces new faculty and instructors to the multi-disciplinary community at Ohio State, as well as supports for teaching and learning. Cohort meetings provide institutional context for teaching and set the stage for positive student interactions. Workshops and web-based resources are highlighted. Mentorship from exemplary University instructors, and an individualized approach to professional learning are program highlights. Participants are able to form connections, develop pedagogical expertise, and reflect on/share goals and experiences related to their instructional roles.  

Limited program - Endorsement is available to new faculty participating in the FIT: Foundation Impact Transformation cohorts for each academic year. Learn more about the New Faculty FIT Program.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand institutional context for teaching
  • Connect to a multi-disciplinary teaching community
  • Understand the range of tools/support available to enhance teaching
  • Develop familiarity with diverse students
  • Reflect about teaching
Participation Requirements
  1. Complete the Teaching Perspectives Inventory located in the first module of the Teaching@OhioState Carmen course (all new faculty are automatically enrolled)  
  2. Participate in a FIT Mentoring cohort - attend a minimum of 5 cohort meetings.
  3. Complete the online Endorsement Application

Contact if you have questions about the FIT program.  



The final teaching endorsement application will require you to upload a verification of criteria document obtained from your Faculty FIT mentor.

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
1-2 academic terms