Culturally Responsive Advising & Student Support for Success

Transition and Academic Growth & ACADAOS Equity and Inclusion Committee

At Ohio State there are a many resources to help faculty and staff develop an awareness of identities, appreciation for diversity, and skills for supporting students and creating social change. The purpose of this endorsement is to provide academic advisors and other student-support staff with a framework to help guide their selection of, and engagement  with, diversity training sessions to help  build awareness, confidence and competence when working with students across difference. 

For more information about learning outcomes, endorsement requirements,and credit for prior engagements visit the Academic Advising website. 

Learning Outcomes

This endorsement encourages advisors and staff to participate in trainings that will support their growth in specific skills areas and competencies that are associated with improved outcomes of helping interventions. By fostering a culturally informed community, we hope to promote student success through the creation of safe learning spaces that value diversity.

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
1-5 semesters