SoTL/DBER Conferences at OSU

The Drake Institute encourages all members of the Ohio State community to engage in scholarly teaching, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) or Discipline-Based Educational Research (DBER). The Drake Institute also encourages the dissemination of findings at local, national, and international conferences held throughout the year. Here you will find information on conference offerings focused on SoTL and DBER at The Ohio State University.


Upcoming Conference Offerings and Opportunities

No conferences opportunities are scheduled at this time. Please visit our Recorded Events page to acces recordings of past sessions.


Previous Conference Offerings and Opportunities

2020 Council on Research in Student Progress and Educational Excellence (CRISPEE) Conference (click for details)

2020 Council on Research in Student Progress and Educational Excellence (CRISPEE) Conference

Conference Focus:
This conference focuses on research that involves the collection and analysis of data on student learning and from student surveys, student interviews, learning management system use, and institutional databases for the purposes of improving equity and student success and pursuing educational excellence.

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All sessions are virtual (via Zoom)

Dates and Times:
Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2 to 5 p.m.
2 to 2:55 p.m.: SASR grant presentations (Session 1)
3 to 3:55 p.m.: Qualitative Workshop
4 to 5 p.m.: Poster Session 1
Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2 to 5 p.m. 
2 to 2:55 p.m.: Drake Grant Presentations
3 to 3:55 p.m.: SASR grant presentations (Session 2)
4 to 5 p.m.: Quantitative Workshop
(5 to 6 p.m.: Poster Session, if needed)
Drake Research and Implementation Grant Awardee Presentations:

  • Danielle Schoon, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, "Global Competence and Intercultural Learning in Virtual Space." In this presentation, Schoon will discuss the collection and analysis of data on student learning in her courses at Ohio State, and how her research can be used to enhance equity, student success, and educational excellence. 
  • Leeann Lower-Hoppe, Sport Managment, "Implementation and Evaluation of Mock Trial within Undergraduate Sport Law." The purpose of this project was to implement and evaluate a mock trial within an undergraduate sports law course. With the help of local attorneys, students worked in teams (representing plaintiff or defendant) to prepare and perform the roles of lawyers and lay and expert witnesses. Lessons learned and implications for future implementation will be discussed.
  • Alexa Valentino & Brianne Porter, Pharmacy Practice and Science, "Flipped Learning in the PharmD Curriculum: Student and Instructor Experiences." Presenters will share lessons learned following implementation of a Flipped Learning (FL) model and how data collected on this approach were utilized by the College of Pharmacy.  This session will explore these data and provide strategies to utilize the FL model as a mechanism to inform students of their learning progress.


SASR Grant Presentations Session 1: “Supporting student performance in STEM and other courses.” Ohio State researchers will present the results of completed or ongoing studies of student performance in STEM and other courses and discuss how results can be applied to improve practice at Ohio State.

  • Shannon Cooney, Krupa Patel, & Jennifer Collins, Department of Chemistry, "Chemistry. Students’ Perspectives to Transform Undergraduate Chemistry Education." Cooney, Patel and Collins qualitatively examine the experiences of historically underrepresented students in chemistry.
  • Amy Kulesza & Caroline Breitenberger, Center for Life Sciences Education, "Instilling Persistence: Investigating Impacts of Short-Term Interventions on Predictors of Long-Term Success." This project estimates the impacts of instructional interventions to regulate motivation, overcome procrastination, or develop metacognitive ability and their impact on persistence in Biology classes.
  • Chris Wolters & Lauren Hensley, Dennis Learning Center, "Investigating the Effects of a Learning-to-Learn Course." Wolters and Hensley examine how interventions to improve motivational, dispositional, and strategic aspects of Self-Regulated Learning impact students’ academic performance and retention. 

SASR grant presentations Session 2: “Understanding external influences on student success.” Ohio State researchers will present the results of completed or ongoing studies on how external life factors – such as employment, childcare, and family background – impact Ohio State student success, and discuss how their results can be applied to improve practice at Ohio State.

  • Vincent Roscigno, Department of Sociology, "First-generation Student Success." This study traces the experiences of first-generation college students through their second year at Ohio State.
  • Kelly Purtell, Human Sciences, "Understanding Drop-in Childcare Needs of Student Parents." Purtell examines how students who are parents respond to childcare needs and the influence of child care on academic success and persistence.
  • Lisa Neilson, Center for Human Resources Research, "OSU Student In-Term Employment." Neilson estimates impacts of during-college employment on retention, graduation and post-college employment


Qualitative workshop: This workshop will introduce participants to a range of qualitative research methodologies which allows university faculty or staff to “dig deeper” into their current assessment questions. Those attending will discuss how to leverage these methods in practical ways in order to better understand student experiences, why students succeed or stumble, and how to improve student success.
Quantitative workshop: Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their research questions or ideas under the guidance of OSU colleagues with expertise in educational research. In small groups, participants will give and receive feedback with peers, and discuss quantitative methods to help answer those research questions. Participants are asked to submit their written research questions or ideas prior to the workshop to facilitate grouping.

Poster Sessions:
A virtual poster session has been scheduled as part of the 2020 CRISPEE Conference in order to provide a venue for members of the Ohio State University community to share research in areas related to teaching, student learning and student progress at the University level. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss with individual presenters

  • Ted Clark & Bridgett Lee, “Use and Evaluation of a Mastery-Based Computer Program in General Chemistry”
  • Robert Gammon-Pitman, “Understanding Learning Beliefs Using the Health Belief Model”
  • Carolyn Johns, “A Research-Based Math Tutor Training Program”
  • Somin Park, “Developing a Measure of Preservice Teachers’ Content Knowledge about Oral Language”
  • Marcos D. Rivera & Rebecca Cepeda, “Experiences and Barriers to Learning for Transfer and Campus Change Students during the COVID-19 Shift to Remote Instruction”
  • Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Hayley Svensson & Lisa Cravens-Brown, “The Improving Numeracy Project: Impact of COVID-19 disruption on student outcomes”
  • Joanne Vakil & Lin Ding, “Audience Response System Influence on Science Engagement and Content Retention among Elementary and Middle School Students”
  • Matt Van Jura & Kaity Prieto, “Charting a Course with MAAPS: Leveraging a Proactive Advising Approach to Promote Student Success”

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