Research Support

Thompson Library

The Drake Institute’s Research Support Program aims to advance and facilitate research that situates Ohio State as a leader in teaching and learning innovation and excellence.

The program has two main goals:

  • To support individual faculty and departments in conducting research, implementation and dissemination of best teaching practices that maximize student success.
  • To support and advance a comprehensive education data analytics and data reporting program for students, staff and faculty to improve student success.


To achieve these goals, the Drake Institute offers the following programs:

  • Research and Implementation Grant Program - Awards fund annually to faculty research projects that advance evidence-based instruction in Ohio State courses and contribute to SoTL or DBER.
  • SoTL and DBER Learning Community - A year-long opportunity for faculty to learn about and undertake a project in SoTL or DBER with community support across disciplines at Ohio State.


In addition to the systematic and high-profile support for SOTL and DBER, the Drake Institute sponsors a Research Seminar Series that highlights workshops and speakers designed to promote the exploration of evidence-based practices and research methodologies, culminating with an event designed to annually share with the Ohio State community a nationally-recognized educational researcher and our grant awardee progress and results.

Finally, the Drake Institute is committed to examining teaching practices and student outcomes across the university through collaborations with other research initiatives on student progress.



Contact us for any questions regarding the Research Support Program.