Course Design in Higher Education: EHE Course Design Camp

College of Education and Human Ecology

This is a pathway option to complete the Course Design in Higher Education endorsement.

Instructors who wish to design significant, effective, and assessable learning opportunities can benefit from ongoing practice and support with preparation through intensive training in student-centered course design. In this Course Design in Higher Education pathway, you will receive expert support in learning and applying the backward design process. This endorsement provides participants with the tools, time and support they need as they work to build or rebuild effective, student-centered courses.

Shifting a course online can be daunting. How do you create a sense of belonging in a digital space? How might you translate your favorite in-person activity into an online activity? And how do you use the affordances of CarmenCanvas, the Internet, and digital tools? Join the College of Education and Human Ecology's academic technology team for our course design camp. A supportive, hands-on learning experience, the camp focuses on design and pedagogy; media and tools; building a course in CarmenCanvas; and facilitating learning online. Participants learn in a small group setting and receive individual assistance reimagining their in-person course into a vibrant online learning experience. Participation is open to faculty in College of Education and Human Ecology only.

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify how their philosophy manifests itself in their course design, facilitation decisions, activities, assessments, and other course elements.
  • Write measurable module-level and course-level learning objectives and then map the module-level learning objectives onto course-level learning objectives.
  • Build an accessible, inclusive course using approaches such as universal design for learning.
  • Create and sustain class community online by using different strategies, including introductory activities, audio and video feedback, mid-semester activities, and virtual office hours.
  • Use CarmenCanvas’ functionality, such as the calendar, Speedgrader, gradebook, and peer review, to facilitate an effective online learning experience for students.
  • Define “authenticity” in the context of education and create authentic learning activities as well as assessments.
Participation Requirements
  1. The course design camp participants must be affiliated with the College of Education and Human Ecology.
  2. Participants must either be moving an in-person or hybrid course to a fully online course, or they must be building a new course online.
  3. Participants will complete the endorsement in 7 weeks (1 week for pre-course work followed by the 6-week camp).
  4. While each participant will have the opportunity to create artifacts according to their own abilities and interests, all participants must complete the required assignments during the pre-course work, 5 in-person sessions, and 3 online expeditions.

Interested faculty should complete this form to learn more about the Course Design Camp and to express interest and availability.

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
1 academic term