Teaching Information Literacy

University Libraries

Students’ success, in academic and professional life, relies on their ability to effectively locate, critically evaluate, and ethically use and share information. Although research indicates that most instructors consider information literacy to be important for their students (Saunders, 2012), many are uncertain about how to approach teaching information literacy. In this endorsement, participants will learn how to purposefully and strategically teach information literacy skills and concepts in their classes. Participants will be introduced to the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2015), which outlines six core information literacy concepts. Following the backward design model, participants will then identify information literacy learning outcomes and develop the outline for an assignment or activity that could be used to teach and assess information literacy. By the end of this self-paced, fully online course, participants will have developed an Action Plan for integrating information literacy into a course. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate an expanded understanding of information literacy as a concept
  • Explain how the purposeful teaching of information literacy skills and concepts can improve student learning
  • Use the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education to identify gaps in student knowledge related to research, scholarship, and information use
  • Identify information literacy learning outcomes that connect to already existing course learning outcomes and support students’ ability to learn disciplinary ways of thinking
  • Employ instructional design strategies to develop or revise an assignment or activity in order to teach and assess information literacy
Participation Requirements

Participants must contact Jane Hammons at hammons.73@osu.edu in order to be enrolled in the Teaching Information Literacy course in CarmenCanvas.

After being enrolled in the course, participants must:

  • Complete all 6 modules of the course. In modules 1-5, this includes a requirement to post to the module discussion board and submit a short reflection at the end of the module.
  • Complete and submit a participant workbook, with activities related to each module. The final component of the workbook, to be completed in Module 6, is the Information Literacy Action Plan.
  • Complete the pre-course and post-course surveys.


For questions, or to enroll in the course, contact Jane Hammons at hammons.73@osu.edu

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
1-2 semesters