Inclusive Teaching

Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning

College classrooms are one of the few places in an increasingly polarized world where students must engage with different perspectives over time. This learning environment can be an opportunity for transformative learning experiences, directly correlated with motivation, engagement and achievement (Zumbrunn et al. 2014). Many teachers, however, feel underprepared to foster meaningful discourse or support a diverse student body. Inclusive teaching describes the range of approaches to teaching that creates a learning environment where all students feel valued and have equal access to learning. This endorsement will allow you to explore issues and tools for creating inclusive learning environments.

Learning Outcomes
  • Define inclusive teaching.
  • Discuss research on how effective inclusive teaching strategies impact learning.
  • Practice identifying opportunities and proactive measures for inclusive learning environments.
  • Identify challenges and supports to inclusion within current courses.
  • Plan specific inclusive strategies to apply in your own teaching this term. 
Participation Requirements

Participants will select and complete at least six experiences (about 9-12 hours) that have been identified as assisting teachers in meeting the outcomes of this endorsement. The experiences are either singular events, event series, online trainings or an individual consultation with an Institute for Teaching and Learning staff member.  Events in this endorsement are usually open to the entire University, but some may be designed for specific departments or regional campuses. All participants must write and submit a written reflection to receive the endorsement.

To find qualifiying events, visit the Institute Event Calendar.  Qualifying events are tagged: INCLUSIVE  
Events sponsored by the Drake Institute and other university units are also posted on the Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC) Learning Opportunities calendar. Events are added frequently, and we recommend that you check that resource regularly for new programming.  

Dissemination and Sharing (optional)

Participants are encouraged, but not required, to share what they learned while attending experiences for the endorsement. This can happen either through a video or written reflection (which could be the same as the reflection required for the endorsement). Participants can share anonymously if they choose. The reflection will be shared on the Inclusive Teaching web resource, where Ohio State teachers share strategies and ideas on creating inclusive learning environments. Visit the Drake Institute Inclusive Teaching resource for more informaiton. 

Contact if you have questions about this endorsement program.

Required Hours
9-12 (at least 6 experiences)
Timeline for Completion