CIRTL @ Ohio State Associate Endorsement

This endorsement recognizes the achievement of Associate-level learning outcomes defined by the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network through engagement in relevant local (Ohio State) and cross-network (CIRTL) programming. The CIRTL @ Ohio State Associate Endorsement programming supports future faculty (generally graduate students and post docs) at Ohio State in the exploration of the CIRTL Network Core Ideas of (1) Learning Through Diversity, (2) Teaching as Research, and (3) Learning Communities. 


Learning Outcomes

The CIRTL @ Ohio State Associate Endorsement recognizes achievement of the following outcomes, as defined by the CIRTL Network: 

Process-Related Outcomes 


  • Describe how to access the literature and existing knowledge about teaching and learning issues, in a discipline or more broadly. 

  • Define and recognize the value of the Teaching-as-Research process, and how it can be used for ongoing enhancement of learning. 

  • Describe a “full-inquiry” cycle. 

  • Describe how the integration of Evidence-Based Teaching, Learning Communities and Learning-through-Diversity within Teaching-as-Research can be integrated to implement and advance effective teaching practices for diverse learners. 

Content-Related Outcomes 

Evidence-Based Teaching 

  • Describe and recognize the value of realistic well-defined, achievable, measurable and student-centered learning goals. 

  • Describe several known high-impact, evidence-based effective instructional practices and materials and recognize their alignment with particular types of learning goals. 

  • Describe several assessment techniques and recognize their alignment with particular types of learning goals. 

Learning Communities 

  • Describe and recognize the value of learning communities, and how they impact student learning. 

  • Describe several techniques for creating a LC within a learning environment, including strategies that promote positive interdependence between learners so as to accomplish learning goals. 

  • Describe several techniques and issues of establishing LCs comprising a diverse group of learners. 

  • Recognize the value of and participate in local professionally-focused learning communities associated with teaching and learning. 

Learning through Diversity 

  • Describe the scope of diversity in learning environments, of both students and instructor.* 

  • Describe the impact of diversity on student learning, in particular how diversity can enhance learning, and how inequities can negatively impact learning if not addressed. 

  • Describe how an instructor’s beliefs and biases can influence student learning. 

  • Describe and recognize the value of drawing on diversity in the development of teaching plans (including content, teaching practices and assessments) to foster learning. 

  • Describe several learning-through-diversity (LtD) techniques and strategies. 

* Including but not limited to backgrounds, race, gender, ability, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender preference, and cognitive skills. 



The final teaching endorsement application will require you to upload a completion of criteria document obtained from your CIRTL Learning Community Facilitator.

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
9 months