Ana-Paula Correia headshot

Ana-Paula Correia, Ph.D.

Director, Center on Education and Training for Employment; Faculty Co-Coordinator, Masters of Learning Technologies; Associate Professor
Department of Educational Studies

How Are You Teaching?

Feedback from Peers, Clients, and Experts

Courses Taught:

  • Applied Instructional Design (ESLTECH 8295)


Students in Associate Professor Ana-Paula Correia’s Applied Instructional Design course apply concepts, principles and theory to design professional-level learning projects that address real-world problems in education. The goal, according to Correia, is to help people learn in a variety of learning contexts using learning technologies from virtual and augmented learning experiences to smartphones. 

Correia’s course, a requirement of the online Masters of Learning Technologies program, has always been taught online. Students typically test their educational solutions with real learners, but in order to comply with safe social distancing practices, Correia decided to have students evaluate their projects using peer, client and expert feedback instead. 

One design team worked with Ohio State’s College of Nursing Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Program to create an online learning module and blended learning guide about the circulatory system and associated diseases. Both projects will be used by CHW to educate future community health workers. Another design team worked with the College of Veterinary Medicine on a Dermatology Clinical Skills Lab course. Students converted the course manual into a free eBook, published by PressBooks, that includes video and interactive multiple-choice quizzes. Veterinary Medicine students will start using the eBook next spring. 

Correia’s students presented their final learning products during a two-hour Zoom session. They used audio, video and screen-share capabilities to walk Correia and their peers through the design process and development of their digital projects. After each 15-minute presentation, the rest of the class used Zoom’s chat feature to ask questions, offer comments and make suggestions for improvement. 

“I believe that Applied Instructional Design is a good example of how online learning and teaching can bridge theory into practice, create opportunities for application and augment the learning experience by creating projects that have a clear impact in the field,” Correia said.