FIT Mentoring Program: A Gateway to the Community of Teachers

The FIT Mentoring Program is a signature program of the Drake Institute. Launched in 2016, the purpose of FIT is to offer an introduction to teaching and the community of teachers at Ohio State, in a welcoming and trusting environment. New faculty can elect to join the FIT program after New Faculty Orientation each August and be placed in a cohort of 3-4 faculty from across the university. Each cohort is assigned to an experienced faculty member known for excellence in teaching and guiding others in teaching. Cohorts meet throughout the academic year, with five required meetings and additional meetings possible, and by completing the FIT Program, new faculty earn an endorsement, a credential demonstrating professional growth in a particular area of practice.  

The FIT Mentoring program involves thematic discussions of teaching based on a Carmen course, with discussion topics, prompts, and resources available on instructional design and assessment, student engagement and active learning, student learning in the digital age, inclusive pedagogy, evidence-based teaching practices, student wellness and mental health and faculty work-life issues as they related to teaching. The Carmen course is intended to serve as a springboard for rich and engaging discussions in cohort meetings. In addition, the course includes activities and exercises for cohort members as they move through the curriculum and a discussion board for cohorts to pose questions and offer strategies for teaching improvement.

Finally, the FIT Program schedules panel discussions and symposia of interest to all FIT Program members each year, and points to other Drake Institute-sponsored events on teaching. FIT also prepares those who complete it to participate in other Institute signature initiatives, such as the Instructional Redesign Program, the SoTL/DBER Learning Community, and a wide range of Institute endorsements.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the FIT Program, please contact:


Craig Gibson/Professor and Professional Development Coordinator/University Libraries

Drake Institute Faculty Fellow for Mentoring