Workshop to address the needs of "invisible" populations

Diversity, inclusion and outreach to underserved populations are frequently discussed priorities in the field of higher education. Some statuses, however, are less easy to recognize than others. The issues faced by students who may be experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, and violence, and those who are undocumented/DACA-mented are often unacknowledged to the point of being rendered “invisible”.

To help address this issue, the Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning has collaborated with the Indiana University Bloomington Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning to present a workshop, “Practices and Language for Expanding Classroom Diversity to ‘Invisible’ Populations”.

In this session, instructors will acquire language and strategies to incorporate the needs and issues of these "invisible" marginalized populations into their course design support. Participants will complete a guided action plan for sharing this knowledge and these practices within our classrooms and other academic networks.

The session will be held via Zoom on Friday, Nov. 20 from 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 

More information and registration link can be found here.