Midterm Feedback Tools for Graduate Instructors: The SGID

A Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) is a midterm feedback tool that can help any instructor at Ohio State develop their teaching. This includes graduate instructors who may be early in their teaching careers, or those who may be teaching lab or recitation sections rather than teaching their own course. Facilitation by a Drake Institute consultant allows for the collection of written and verbal student feedback that is anonymous, detailed, and actionable, along with support in interpreting the feedback and making changes to instruction.

Rhiar Kanouse, a graduate instructor in the Department of Comparative Studies, shares her experience here.

“I’ve used the SGID from the Drake Institute for two semesters now, and each time has been a wonderful experience. On one hand, it is valuable for me as an instructor to receive rich student feedback before the semester’s end to hear what aspects of the class are particularly strong as well as suggestions for any necessary interventions or desired adjustments. As a graduate student, specifically, I believe that the SGID process is also a unique experience to harvest specific and detailed feedback on my pedagogy for my teaching portfolio. On the other hand, the SGID is beneficial for students as it creates a necessary, meditated space in which they can discuss their thoughts on how the class is going with each other, guided by an outside facilitator, without the potential awkwardness and vulnerability of sitting down with me one-on-one. From my past experiences working the Drake Institute, I’ve learned that, even though students’ responses are mediated through an outside facilitator, conducting the SGID in the classroom always makes my students feel heard by me. The end result of my students feeling valued and having an active hand in their learning experience is my favorite part of electing to hold a SGID in my courses.”

For more information about SGIDs, including how to schedule one, visit the Drake Institute’s page on Using Feedback to Improve Teaching, or email drakeinstitute@osu.edu.