Drake Institute Pop-Up Conversation Series Breonna Taylor and #sayhername

As we continue to live and work in a highly charged political environment, the Michael V. Drake Institute invites you to attend the first session in a new conversation series. Teaching in Troubled Times: the Drake Institute Pop-Up Conversation Series is designed to help to provide support for professional instruction during this challenging moment in our history.

This first one-hour installment in the series, “Breonna Taylor and #SayHerName” will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 11 a.m. and will feature a conversation on teaching in the wake of the recent developments surrounding the killing of Breonna Taylor, the determination of the grand jury, and the growing #SayHerName movement. Specifically, the session will address some of questions we hear instructors asking: How do I talk to my students about this? How do I handle it if it comes up in my classroom? How do I support students, my colleagues, and myself in this moment?

Each Drake Institute Pop-Up Conversation will highlight a specific political topic, provide background on the issue, offer strategies on how to address the topic in class, and share resources to support students and instructors. Participants will learn how and when to broach political conversations with students, manage these conversations, and mediate concern and conflict among students. These sessions will also acknowledge how instructors and students personally negotiate the ramifications of violence and inequality in ways cannot be cordoned off from their classroom experiences. The series also aims to highlight how OSU instructors are doing more than teaching students disciplinary material—they are training students to be responsible and accountable community members.

The session on Tuesday, Sept. 29 will be held on Zoom, no registration is required.

Meeting ID: 973 0912 9966
Password: 113451