UITL resources, consultations, programs support faculty teaching remotely

The University Institute for Teaching and Learning welcomes instructors to a first week of teaching remotely with additional resources and programming found under the Instructor Support section of our website.

To assist you as you begin the new semester, UITL has developed two Remote Teaching Tip Sheets,  “Accessible and Inclusive Assessments,” and "Remote Teaching: Sustaining Inclusivity & Accessibility"

UITL knows some of the most valuable assistance to faculty comes from colleagues, and to facilitate that collaboration, the Institute has established a “How Are You Teaching?” webform to collect stories, documents, images, and multimedia you would be willing to let us share on our website and through news articles and social media.

We also plan to share student experiences of remote instruction and are collecting anecdotes shared by learners who appreciate the efforts to keep them engaged and support their learning. “How Are You Learning?” is a place for that to happen.

UITL consultants remain available remotely to help you respond to any challenges and opportunities this semester. They look forward to discussing evidence-based instructional strategies with you and hearing about your teaching.