Educational Developers and AI Community of Practice Develop Spring AI Workshops

During Autumn Semester 2023 the Drake Institute launched a new community of practice (CoP) focused on generative AI (artificial intelligence) and its use in teaching and learning. The community is a collaboration with nearly 100 faculty and staff from a variety of administrative and academic units. The CoP focuses on sharing effective practices, creating new knowledge, and engaging in collective critical inquiry about the use of AI in teaching and learning.

To date, educational developers from the CoP have drafted a new Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC) teaching topic, AI Teaching Strategies: Transparent Assignment Design. This is a follow-up to a teaching topic released during spring 2023, AI: Considerations for Teaching and Learning.  CoP members have also helped plan spring 2024 workshops to share practices for designing instruction in light of AI and amplify the experiences of Ohio State instructors who are incorporating AI into their teaching. 

Upcoming Workshops on Generative AI and Teaching: