Midterm Teaching Feedback: Learn More about SGIDs from the Drake

Midterm is here—and now is the best time to collect feedback on your teaching! Midterm feedback provides instructors with opportunities to discuss or clarify feedback with students and make adjustments prior to the end of the semester.  A Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID), as a midterm feedback tool, can help any instructor at Ohio State improve their teaching. This includes graduate instructors who may be early in their teaching careers, or those who may be teaching lab or recitation sections rather than teaching their own course. During the SGID process, Drake Institute consultants come into the classroom to verbally discuss feedback with students, asking for clarification and elaboration where needed to truly understand students’ needs and experiences. Consultants then work with instructors to help them analyze the feedback and identify manageable changes to the course. For graduate associates and long-time instructors alike, the SGID process and consultant support illuminates small changes that can lead to big impacts.

For more information about SGIDs, including how to schedule one, visit the Drake Institute’s page on Using Feedback to Improve Teaching, or email drakeinstitute@osu.edu.