Carmen Common Sense supports student experience of LMS

USG seeks nominations for Carmen Award

The Ohio State University Student Government has announced an award to recognize the importance of a strongly organized Carmen site to student learning. Developed in collaboration with the Office of Distance Education, the University Institute for Teaching and Learning, and the Council on Distance Education, Libraries and Information Technology, the Carmen Common Sense Award recognizes Carmen pages that go above and beyond to utilize the tools Carmen has to offer.

Carmen Common Sense and the award acknowledge what USG leaders have been hearing from students. While Carmen is designed to make classes more accessible and connect students to the classroom throughout the semester, the quality of Carmen pages is inconsistent. A strongly constructed site helps students learn and reduces stress, a site that is difficult to navigate with broken links or missing assignments or files has the opposite effect.

USG has created list of 10 traits common to a good Carmen site, and this award is one way of acknowledging the faculty who design an experience from which their students benefit. Nominations for the Carmen Award are currently being accepted.