Complete the Teaching Information Literacy Endorsement This Summer

Do students sometimes fail to meet your expectations for research or inquiry-based assignments? Are you looking for ways that you can help students to better navigate the complicated information landscape we live in? Consider taking some time this summer to complete the Teaching Information Literacy endorsement, developed by the University Libraries and offered through the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning.

Information literacy is a set of core competencies and dispositions that are crucial to academic success, which include the ability to find, evaluate, and use a range of information sources. However, many college students are provided with limited opportunities to learn the skills and habits associated with information literacy, which can create frustrations when students fail to meet instructor expectations for research or inquiry-based assignments.

Teaching Information Literacy is a six-module, self-paced course in CarmenCanvas. You can enroll at any time and take as long as you need to complete the course. In the course, you will learn about core information literacy concepts as well as strategies for redesigning courses and assignments to integrate information literacy. To enroll in the course, or learn about additional options for earning the endorsement, contact Jane Hammons (