UITL open; remote consultations offered throughout the week

The University Institute for Teaching and Learning will host remote consultation hours throughout this week, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

UITL staff will be available to provide support and consultation on a wide range of topics, including, among others: 

  • Evidence-based assessment and instructional strategies 
  • Inclusive teaching in various learning contexts 
  • Instructional redesign 
  • Developing assignments to meet learning outcomes 
  • Student engagement and classroom/learning context management 


UITL will host virtual “open office hours” via CARMEN ZOOM. Ohio State instructors are welcome to drop in for consultations. To join, visit us here.

In addition, consultants are available by appointment. 

For support related to online delivery of courses, instructors should visit https://keepteaching.osu.edu/(link is external) and attend information and training sessions listed on that site. UITL also encourages you to communicate with your local teaching and learning resource professionals, educational technology specialists and instructional designers as you navigate this process.  

Our ODEE partners recommend instructors get started by publishing their Carmen Canvas courses if they have not already done so and use Carmen as a class hub for instruction and communications with your students.   

The Carmen “Key Three” are 

  • Revise and upload your syllabus 
  • Organize your course materials 
  • Organize your gradebook 

Please remember at any time, you may request individual consultations with UITL staff by emailing uitl@osu.edu.