Hispanics in Education Association invites faculty fellows nominations

The American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education invites nominations for its 2021- 2022 AAHHE Faculty Fellows Program (FFP). The AAHHE Faculty Fellow Program is a six-month program with a primary goal to prepare Latina/o/x new faculty, who are beyond their first year on the tenure-track, for successful careers in academia and beyond and to increase the number of tenured and promoted Latina/o/x faculty.

The AAHHE FFP aims to a) provide strategies to assist tenure-track faculty in achieving their scholarly and career goals; b) build community and network with other Latina/o/x faculty; and c) develop future leaders who are dedicated to uplifting their communities. The AAHHE FFP will run from late September 2021 - March 2022. 

To be considered, applicants must: a) be a Latina/o/x enrolled in a tenure-track position beyond year one by start of the AAHHE FFP; and b) exhibit a track record of service and fem/mentoring to the Latina/o/x community.  

How to Apply
For more information on how to apply for the AAHHE FFP, selection process, program requirements and important dates, please visit the program's webpage by clicking this link

For general inquiries about the AAHHE Faculty Fellows Program, please contact 2022 FFP Co-chairs Dr. José M. Aguilar-Hernández at jhernandez@cpp.edu or Dr. Marcela Cuellar at marcuellar@ucdavis.edu, or reach out to AAHHE Board Liaison Dr. Patricia A. Pérez at pperez@fullerton.edu.