Are you looking an opportunity to update your writing assignments?

We know that instructors are often negotiating time and various responsibilities throughout the semester. This three hour a week commitment over four sessions--divided between asynchronous individual work, a 1 hour synchronous collaboration with the WAC team and fellow participants, and an optional half hour of workshop time--affords you several opportunities to:


·                     (Re)design an inclusive writing assignment and assessment plan;

·                     Engage with instructors of writing from across the disciplines

·                     Explore pedagogical approaches concerning transparency, inclusivity, and access;

·                     Receive and provide feedback at various stages of the drafting process;


Join us for this WAC seminar, “Teaching through Writing,” and you’ll walk away with a new or redesigned assignment, new connections with colleagues, and an endorsement from the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning to put on your CV. Eligible faculty can also use this endorsement as part of the Instructional Redesign component of the Drake Institute’s Teaching Support Initiatives.


The seminar will run the weeks of October 31st through November 21st including asynchronous resources and tasks the WAC team will share with participants to do before synchronous Zoom meetings on those Mondays (October 31st, November 7th, November 14th, November 21st) from 9:30-10:30 AM, when you will have an opportunity to work with other participating colleagues to share ideas and offer feedback. Furthermore, if you are interested and available to stay for another half-an-hour from 10:30-11 AM, you can take advantage of additional workshop time.


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