STEAM Factory invites Ohio State faculty and staff to Racial Justice Pathways

STEAM Factory Racial Justice Pathways is an infrastructure that supports Ohio State faculty and staff to focus on a particular area of interest, learn about ways to address racial equity in that domain (drawing on the many resources Ohio State has to offer), design a manageable intervention or project, implement it, assess its impact and share knowledge with our community. RJP participants will take on these efforts together with one another as we build a community of practice here at Ohio State while connecting our efforts with Ohio Campus Compact and Campus Compact's Equity and Inclusion Credential program.  

Who is RJP for?

  • Are you new to these topics but feel called to increase racial justice in your curriculum, research, engagement, or service? RJP is for you! 
  • Have you already been working around these issues through community work, advising, or committee work, but would like a structure to support your implementation, assessment, and recognition for work that often goes unnoticed and unsupported? You can do that through RJP! 
  • Do you direct or participate in a team that wants to do its work in ways that put equity at the center? If so, RJP is right for you and your team! 
  • Are you part of a research team focusing on these issues? If so, let RJP provide a structure and process that will enhance your accountability and productivity! 

These are just a few examples of the many potential possibilities you can cultivate in RJP. The STEAM Factory RJP creates a space for visioning and action in self-organizing collaborations around what matters. Your longing, your passion, your wisdom, and your creativity are welcome at STEAM and in RJP! 

What You Will Do:  

  • Participants will choose one of the following Pathways as a focus for their RJP work:  
    • Research and Writing  
    • Teaching and Student Services  
    • Outreach, Engagement, and Extension  
    • Service  
    • Multi-Weave (when the particular focus spans more than one Pathway)  
  • Engage in guided learning about racial equity concerns and efforts in your selected Pathway  
  • Design a Project (an intervention, study, article, etc.)  
  • Implement your design and assess its effectiveness or findings  
  • Share what you learn with others  

What You Will Give:  

  • Your passion for racial justice and personal growth  
  • A monthly time commitment of 2 hours of meeting time with your cohort from November 2021-May 2022  
  • A monthly time commitment of 6 hours of work outside your cohort from November 2021-May 2022  
  • A quarterly time commitment of 2 hours of full cohort meeting 

What You Will Get:  

  • Useful guidance about accessing resources available across Ohio State and beyond  
  • Interdisciplinary peer and near-peer mentoring  
  • Material support for the implementation and assessment of your project  
  • Any credentialing or certification embedded in Ohio State programming  
  • An Ohio Campus Compact Equity and Inclusion credential  
  • A small stipend for participation  

To participate, complete a very short application for the program here no later than Friday, Oct. 15. Participation will be limited to 35 people due to budget and human constraints; if the STEAM Factory exceeds that number of applications, staff will use the information provided in the application to select 35 people, with a goal of selecting a diverse group of participants along a variety of dimensions. Notification of acceptance will be provided on Oct. 22.