Workshop on leading instructional teams in remote contexts

Teaching remotely has not reduced the work it takes to coordinate teams of lecturers, TAs and graders. In order to support those in collaborative and leadership roles, the Drake Institute is offering a Zoom workshop, Leading Instructional Teams in Remote Contexts.

Participants in this session will review the progression of teacher development, connect with others who lead instructional teams and contribute to a growing list of best practices when it comes to supporting groups of teachers. Following the session, they will:

  • Be familiar with indicators of TA (instructor) development 
  • Have met someone else who also works as part of an instructional team 
  • Have contributed to generating a list of best practices for leading an instructional team.

The workshop, faciliated by Drake Institute Instructional Consultant Jessica Riviere, will take place from 10:30 a.m. to noon, on Thursday, July 16. You may register here.