Respectful Dialogue toolkit available

The Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion have collaborated to provide a respectful dialogue toolkit for faculty, staff and students.  

Respectful dialogue is engagement in honest, thoughtful, and reflexive conversation with the goal of understanding one another. Respectful engagement does not mean that everyone has to agree or adopt each another's perspectives. Rather, it is by sharing differing perspectives that we are able to effectively communicate across differences and boundaries and learn from one another. Each person involved in respectful dialogue takes responsibility for the impact of their words and actions regardless of intent, and strives to operate with curiosity, authenticity, and vulnerability.

Each individual engaged in respectful dialogue is not only entitled to their perspectives but is also "entitled to be treated with respect and dignity."

This toolkit defines respectful dialog, identifies goals, provides strategies and shares additional resources and supports to help facilitate respectful and productive communications on campus and beyond.