Registration for Carmen Common Sense Instructional Redesign cohort

The Drake Institute invites instructors to join a five-session Instructional Redesign cohort scheduled from July 27-31. The Carmen Common Sense experience is being offered a second time based on positive response from participants.

Facilitated by Clinical Associate Professor Nicole Kraft, School of Communication, this professional learning experience will guide participants through the theories and practices of Carmen usage modeled in Carmen Common Sense with an eye towards redesigning the way they use the LMS to increase student learning and enhance student experiences.

The cohort work is especially relevant as instructors finalize courses for autumn semester. 

Carmen Common Sense was developed through a collaboration of the Undergraduate Student Government, the Council on Distance Education, Libraries and Information Technology, and the University Institute on Teaching and Learning for one simple reason: Student were frustrated, and they recognized patterns and practices being used in outstanding Carmen courses. 

The cohort will meet from 4-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Participants will use the video-conferencing software Zoom to review the key elements in Carmen Common Sense, and to determine how they may best be incorporated into a class. All resources, links and materials will be accessible in Carmen.

The focus of conversation, activities/readings will to help instructors view a course through the students’ eyes. By the end of this series of sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the 10 key components of a successful Carmen course. 
  • Identify what students need to be evident in a Carmen course to support their learning.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to develop or redesign a Carmen course using CCS techniques.
  • Incorporate CCS theories into course design and instructional strategies.

Instructors may choose to assess changes to instructional strategies resulting from this experience as part of an Instructional Redesign portfolio. UITL Associate Director Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo will be supporting the course and present information about the IR initiative, as well as be available to consult on IR. Full-time (.75 FTE and above) instructors are eligible to complete IR for one-time compensation. This experience is a designated pathway to IR. For more information on IR, visit the Drake Institute website page.

Instructors may register here for the UITL’s Carmen Common Sense cohort.