Photo of Sheryl Pfeil

Sheryl Pfeil

Institute Senior Affiliate
Professor of Clinical Medicine/Medical Director-Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center
College of Medicine/Wexner Medical Center

Sheryl Pfeil was a member of the working group as the Institute was being developed and has been a faculty FIT mentor since the program’s inception. She has been a faculty member at Ohio State for 30 years and am a career educator as well as physician in the College of Medicine. She also serves as a course instructor in the Department of Educational Studies Master of Arts (Biomedical Education) curriculum where she created (and teach) a course on Simulation Education.

As a natural collaborator, Pfeil enjoy working across specialties, departments and colleges. As a result of her leadership in national organizations, she has a strong network of education-focused faculty at other institutions. She is past-president of Alpha Omega Alpha, former chair of the advisory board of the Academy of Educators in the American Gastroenterological Association and locally, past chair and board member of Courage to Teach.