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April 5, 2021

The American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education invites nominations for its 2021- 2022 AAHHE Faculty Fellows Program (FFP). The AAHHE Faculty Fellow Program is a six-month program with a primary goal to prepare Latina/o/x new faculty, who are beyond their first year on the tenure-track, for successful careers in academia and beyond and to increase the number of tenured and promoted Latina/o/x faculty.

The AAHHE FFP aims to a) provide strategies to assist tenure-track faculty in achieving their scholarly and career goals; b) build community and network with other Latina/o/x faculty; and c) develop future...

March 19, 2021

The Office of International Affairs and the Drake Institute have created a learning community to promote Collaborative Online International Learning/Virtual Exchange (COIL/VE). The aim is to support instructors in designing new global and intercultural student learning experiences in virtual modalities.

These new programs, which may be course-based or project-based, should connect Ohio State students with their peers at home and around the world through collaborative learning and meaningful intercultural interactions in a virtual space. Faculty and instructors from all colleges and campuses are welcome to apply.

March 18, 2021

From adapting instruction during a global pandemic to responding to racial injustice and political conflict during a divisive election year, we have seen major changes in how we teach, learn and connect with one another.

The Drake Institute and Innovate are collecting stories from educators and students about how they have transformed in response to these changes, overcome new obstacles, or discovered new ways to connect and succeed.

If accepted, your submission may be shared as part of the virtual Innovate conference on May 5 as well as on the Drake Institute website. We’re looking for unique stories and outlooks, meaningful reflections, and concrete advice for your instructors or peers. Submissions are due Sunday, April 4 .

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Professor of Practice, College of Engineering
Department of Engineering Education, Columbus Campus

Dr. Rick Freuler is a professor of practice and the director for the Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors Program in Ohio State's Department of Engineering Education. He teaches the two-semester Fundamentals of Engineering course sequence and is active in engineering education research. He is affiliated with the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and conducts scale model...Learn more