Photo of Elizabeth Vu

Elizabeth Vu

Institute Senior Affiliate
Director of Distance Education/Senior Lecturer
College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Comparative Studies

Elizabeth Vu has had a relationship with the Drake Institute and its predecessors at Ohio State for some time, most recently piloting an IR on demand short course for active learning in large lectures as well as the first instance of the UCAT-ODEE joint fully remote course for online course design. She was the recipient of a grant from the Institute in 2018 which supported the launch of the first-ever online course in Comparative Studies, as well as an online course design manual which was later used as primary resource in Arts and Sciences as the realities of the pandemic disrupted our in-person teaching. That Institute-funded grant project led to the creation of about 10 additional distance learning courses in her department, dozens of temporary distance learning courses, and countless others once the manual was spread to the entire college. She has also recently joined the Teaching and Learning Resource Center steering and content committees.

As the director of Distance Education for the College of Arts and Sciences, she will lead a team of instructional designers and curricular development specialists in faculty consultations and resource development in order to support the revision and creation of online courses and programs.

Vu has over 20 years of experience teaching in high education. She is currently teaching courses in Comparative Studies, a department well-known for its thoughtful and exciting approaches to education. She is deeply engaged in curriculum and assessment within the department, as well as graduate student teaching training. She currently works to orient and train 2-6 graduate students each term as they work with her as GTAs in her large lecture online course, usually as their first teaching experience at the university.