Photo of Nicholas Denton

Nicholas Denton

Institute Senior Affiliate
College of Pharmacy

As a lecturer in the College of Pharmacy teaching primarily undergraduate students, Nicholas Denton’s goal is to enhance the student learning experience with continuous quality improvement of his own teaching that is initiated by thorough assessment and designed with research supported pedagogy. He has implemented assessments to student learning and wellbeing into his undergraduate laboratory, writing, and research survey courses to identity student bottlenecks and barriers to learning.


He has sought out various teaching endorsements and attended workshops through Drake, ODEE, ODEIS, and WAC to learn pedagogically sound teaching methods and educational technologies. This approach has led to insightful investigations in STEM identity and community through inquiry-team-based lab design, self-coaching report impact on cumulative exam performance, branch chain simulated debate engagement, demo video assisted lab skills, and student peer feedback in course success, which were supported by various university SoTL grants and instructional redesign.