Photo of Mary Raber Johnson

Mary Raber Johnson

Institute Affiliate
Assistant Professor – Clinical
College of Pharmacy

Starting in 2009, Mary Raber Johnson worked for Pharma clients to create a range of educational initiatives to key stakeholders and for internal training, with much of her work occurring remotely. In 2015, she started educational offerings at the College of Pharmacy for in-person teaching and course design in the PharmD and undergraduate programs. Additionally, she also designed her first entirely online course as part of a newly developed online program currently titled the Master of Clinical Research (MCR) program. From 2017 to present, she exclusively teaches adult learners in online graduate programs via asynchronous courses of MCR and MS Translational Pharmacology as regulatory faculty (Assistant Professor-Clinical) in the COP.

Currently, she leads four separate asynchronous, online graduate courses that she created and/or extensively revised in collaboration with ODEE. Each course has highly dynamic content, specifically the regulatory affairs-based courses. As such, her initial focus was on the content and real-world significance to the pharmaceutical industry, rather than innovative delivery mechanisms or assessment strategies. Since ensuring that the foundations of her courses were solid (e.g., aligning well with overall competencies in the respective programs), she has started to take more time researching additional evidence-based teaching strategies that are relevant to my virtual classrooms. Examples include shorter lectures focused on one topic at a time, metacognition considerations in assignments, learning management systems [LMS] capabilities, and lecture capture opportunities (e.g., embedded polling).