Photo of Bradley Okdie

Bradley Okdie

Institute Affiliate
Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Psychology

Bradley Okdie’s primary pedagogical interests revolve around increasing student and faculty academic success through the use of technology. He is an Apple teacher, has created a learn to use the iPad first year seminar for students, runs teaching with technology round tables for faculty, and has instructed faculty and students on how to use technology many other ways.

He can serve on panels, facilitate teaching with technology workshops, and create technology focused programming. This programming can serve faculty and students. For faculty, he is happy to consult and/or lead programming on aspects of teaching with technology. This programming can be specifically related to teaching but can also be related to using technology to be more efficient in faculty responsibilities which can free up time to invest in pedagogical innovation. For students, this can be focused on classroom success but can also detail how to use technology to be academically successful when not in class (e.g., technology time management, taming notifications).

His primary interests in technology and research support his interests in the instructional redesign process. He is interested in best practices for course presentation and implementation specifically as they relate to technology, learning management, and distance learning. He is also interested in serving as a potential mentor for the new faculty FIT program.