Photo of Amy Kulesza

Amy Kulesza

Institute Affiliate
Biology Education Research Specialist
Center for Life Sciences Education

As the Biology Education Researcher in the Center for Life Sciences Education, Amy Kulesza has a strong background in DBER and SoTL, in addition to research methodology, evaluation, and assessment. Further, her work in promoting excellence in teaching with Biology instructors aligns with the goals of the Drake at the University level. Currently, she is the instructor of record for Biology 5001, the TA professional development course. She also works closely with contract instructors to set teaching goals and help them to choose professional development activities that meets those goals.

The programming provided by the Drake, such as the teaching endorsements, SoTL cohorts, and IR opportunities, are great opportunities for more veteran instructors to grow in their teaching in significant ways. As a Drake Affiliate, she envisions more biology instructors participating in these activities. This might occur through a biology specific SoTL or IR group, or giving instructors opportunity to meet other STEM instructors across the university through a STEM specific group.