Photo of Teresa Burns

Teresa Burns

Institute Affiliate
Bud and Marilyn Jenne Professor of Equine Clinical Sciences and Research/Associate Professor
College of Veterinary Medicine

Teresa Burns believes strongly both in the Affiliate Program’s underlying mission of elevating teaching and learning at Ohio State across disciplines, as well as the ability of the faculty and staff of the Drake Institute to effectively and tangibly accomplish this goal. The Drake Institute has been an incredibly positive influence on her academic career at Ohio State, creating opportunities for collaboration in the teaching and learning space, providing quality continuing education and faculty development, and serving as a network of colleagues that is both a reliable source of expertise and a sounding board for all things related to teaching in higher education.

Spending time with great teachers is an honor and a privilege for anyone who values learning and knowledge for their own sake and she considers time spent in that company some of the most valuable in her career to date. The Drake Institute, in its people and programs, has been instrumental in her development as a teacher in higher education, putting many of those great teachers directly in her path and facilitating opportunities for professional growth as a teacher.