Sheryl Pfeil

Faculty Mentor
Professor - Clinical, College of Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine, Columbus Campus

Bio: Dr. Sheryl Pfeil is a graduate of The Ohio State University. After completing her training and spending a year on faculty at Case Western Reserve University, she returned to Ohio State where she continues to teach. Dr. Pfeil combines clinical practice and education – it’s what she loves. She teaches gastroenterology to the pre-clinical medical students and she welcomes learners to her clinical practice. She received the Linda Stone Award in Mentoring and the Master Teacher Award from the College of Medicine. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Educators of the Academy of Educators of the American Gastroenterological Association.

The best advice she received about education was from a student. According to the student, whether you are teaching an audience of one or one hundred, bring your best enthusiasm to the encounter. If you aren’t personally excited about your subject, how can you expect your learners to be?

Teaching philosophy: My best role as a teacher is not to impart knowledge but to facilitate the learning of others, not to provide answers but to inspire learners to find their own answers.

On being a mentor: The most rewarding aspect of mentoring other faculty is encouraging and validating their career as an educator! Sometimes that means listening, sharing strategies, providing opportunities, celebrating successes... For faculty who aspire to a career as an educator, I try to make the path seem a little better traveled one, the road a bit smoother and better delineated.

Rewarding moment: I guess it would be every little 'aha' moment as learners discover new knowledge.

Best teaching advice received or given: Be enthusiastic about your subject - and show it!

Advice for new faculty: Teaching is at the very foundation of the university! It is the heart of what we do, the reason we are here and the joy of our careers.