Photo of Scott Schricker

Scott Schricker

Institute Affiliate
Associate Professor
College of Dentistry

In 2018, Scott Schricker transitioned the fourth-year dental materials course from a lecture-based course into a project-based course. Briefly, students were divided into groups and given a dental materials topic to support or refute. The students were required to consult the literature and produce an analysis that supported their conclusions. These analyses are also used by the college for guidance in the clinics.

Shortly after he made this change, he started and completed components one and two of the Teaching Support program. This program provided validation for some of the changes that he made and provided a framework for approaching new challenges. During the pandemic, Schricker had to move three courses online. Rather than lecturing through zoom, he put the lecture online and had a discussion session during class. Students submitted questions and he would answer the questions and discuss the content. 

As an affiliate, he would like to share his experiences with others who are trying to improve their teaching.