Rick Freuler

Faculty Mentor
Professor of Practice, College of Engineering
Department of Engineering Education, Columbus Campus

Dr. Rick Freuler is a professor of practice and the director for the Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors Program in Ohio State's Department of Engineering Education. He teaches the two-semester Fundamentals of Engineering course sequence and is active in engineering education research. He is affiliated with the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and conducts scale model investigations of gas turbine installations for jet engine test cells and for marine and industrial applications of gas turbines.

Dr. Freuler began his academic career at Ohio State as a first-year engineering student in 1968. He earned all four of his degrees from The Ohio State University. He has been a member of the University's Academy of Teaching since 2010 and has been awarded for outstanding teaching.

For Dr. Freuler, teaching is an important purpose in my life. According to Dr. Freuler, life purposes lie at the intersection of: a) that which one is good at; b) that which the world needs; c) that which one can get paid for; and d) that which one loves. Where that which one is good at overlaps with that which one can get paid for lies a profession. Where that which one can get paid for includes that which the world needs can be found a vocation. When what one loves meets that which the world needs, one will find a mission. Most importantly, passion can be found when that which one is good at collides with that which one loves.

As Dr. Freuler explains, for him this is teaching engineering, and particularly teaching undergraduates engineering fundamentals and advising and mentoring both graduate and undergraduate students. He is paid a little for teaching them, he is good at it, and, most importantly, he genuinely loves teaching. Dr. Freuler tries to teach with inspiration expressed by a set of simple values which serve as a guide in everything he does.