Photo of Melissa Jungers

Melissa Jungers

Institute Affiliate
Associate Professor
Newark/College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Psychology

Melissa Jungers has taught Psychology courses for nearly 20 years. Her teaching style is highly interactive with many hands-on examples and demonstrations. She continually updates her courses, creating a writing-intensive Introductory Psychology or participating as a Digital Flagship Educator. She was recognized with the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2011. She enjoys discussing teaching strategies and ideas with other faculty.

Mentoring undergraduate researchers is another major aspect of Jungers’s teaching. Students join her lab and participate in all aspects of the research process. Her students regularly present and win prizes at the Newark Research Forum and the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. Students often receive research funding from the Newark campus or the Undergraduate Research Office. More advanced students complete thesis projects or co-author research articles. She received the OSU Newark Research Mentor Award in 2015. Students learn so many skills through conducting research and she wants to promote these opportunities across the University.

She has also been involved at the program level of education at Ohio State. The Buckeye Generation Learning Community (BGLC) was started as a way to improve outcomes for first-generation students at Newark by providing common classes, peer tutoring, and social support.