Mark Kleffner

Faculty Mentor
Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
School of Earth Sciences, Lima Campus

Dr. Mark Kleffner, who started as a student at The Ohio State University in 1975, earned all three of his geology degrees from the school. He joined the faculty of the Lima, Ohio, campus pf Ohio State in 1989. Dr. Kleffner has been president of the Lima campus faculty assembly for seven years and is in his first year as head of the Earth History Division of the School of Earth Sciences.

He is a recipient of the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and is also a speaker for the Alumni Association. He currently teaches introductory undergraduate courses in earth sciences, both lecture and lab sections, on the Lima campus. This includes an honors undergraduate course as well as summer workshops for teachers.

Dr. Kleffner is a paleontologist/stratigrapher who studies Silurian rocks and conodonts mainly from the North American Midwestern Basins and Arches region. He often reviews academic articles and will incorporate the material in the classes he teaches. Dr. Kleffner believes if you bring enthusiasm and interest in the subjects you teach, you and your students and will have an enjoyable year!