Photo of Lisa Cravens-Brown

Lisa Cravens-Brown

Institute Senior Affiliate
Associate Vice Chair for Instruction/Faculty Honors Advisor
College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Psychology

As associate vice chair for instruction in the Department of Psychology, Lisa Cravens-Brown has been able to teach and mentor undergraduates, graduate students, associated and tenure-stream faculty, and staff. She is grateful to have the opportunity to participate in curriculum and program development at the “Big Picture” level (e.g., major re-design, planning for the new GE, etc). She has also long had a relationship with the teaching and learning professionals at Ohio State, both as a student and in mentoring others. Cravens-Brown sees the Affiliate program as the natural progression of her relationship with teaching and with the university, and a way to become a better advocate, mentor, and colleague in the larger academy.

She is also a part of the Institutional Redesign Cohort, working on materials and experiences for instructors interested in doing their own IR. Cravens-Brown has been engaged in promoting and mentoring teaching excellence on multiple levels throughout her time at Ohio State and is deeply engaged in student and faculty success, scholarship, and curricular design.