Photo of Kyle Ezell

Kyle Ezell

Institute Senior Affiliate
College of Engineering/Knowlton School of Architecture

Kyle Ezell received Ohio State University's highest teaching award, the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2019 and was inducted that year into Ohio State's prestigious Teaching Academy. The College of Engineering recognized him with its Distinguished Faculty - Charles MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2014.

Part of his teaching and learning history at Ohio State includes serving on the steering committee to create the University Institute of Teaching and Learning (now the Drake UITL). He continues to serve as a Faculty Foundation, Impact, and Transformation (FIT) Program mentor for new and developing teachers and represent the College of Engineering on the Teaching Collaborative.

Ezell’s teaching mission inspires students to take conceptual ideas, joining them with their passions to become leaders who can change the world by solving complex, real-world problems. His core pedagogy involves training students to conceptualize—broadly and deeply—and to think—intelligently and boundlessly—for themselves. Students cannot expect to learn how to think for themselves unless they know teachers trust them and treat them with the highest dignity and respect. He says “We must make sure to accept each student where they are in their lives and take them on a journey to where they are meant to be, helping them rise to their fullest potential.”